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Why Women Like Anal Sex

This month we’ve been talking all about anal sex. But the question remains, why do women like anal sex? For starters, you’ll hear women say they like anal sex because their partner likes it. While there’s nothing wrong with pleasing your partner, women who have anal sex for this reason, are usually turned on by their partner being turned on, and so they enjoy it too. Some women simply take pleasure in anal sex because it feels good. Others revel in the sensation of being all filled up, especially since the butt hole is generally tighter than the vagina. Another reason women love anal sex is because you can hit the G-spot from the butt. Oh yeah, that’s a big one.

Even before you find out why she likes it, what you want to remember is this: If you want to enjoy the experience, and ensure that she’ll want more, start slowly. Her butt’s not going anywhere, and it the longer you wait, the more she will want you inside. In fact, the first time you have anal sex, try it with a plug, a finger or a tongue (that’s called analingus), but NO PENIS. Not going in all the way can feel just as good, if not better, than thrusting and pumping, because when it comes to sensitive spots on any body, the entrance to the rectum rates high in pleasure points.

Another thing that you see in porn that’s a big no-no in real life is ATV or ATM. That’s ass to vagina, or ass to mouth. Once you’re having anal sex, you don’t want to insert any penis, finger, or toy from the butt into any other orifice without washing it with a gentle cleanser and water first. That’s because the bacteria inside your bum doesn’t play well with the bacteria in other cavities, so safety first and stick to one hole. If you go from vagina to anus that first time, that’s okay, but remember, there’s no going back. And if you can’t be a one-hole lover, or even if you can, use a condom, then change condoms when you go from the ass to any other opening.

Anal sex isn’t supposed to hurt. If it did, who would really enjoy it? That’s why I’m against numbing agents. If you can’t feel what’s happening, you can’t tell if you’re actually appreciating the experience. The rectum is a delicate place to explore, and without enough lube, and without the proper amount of warm up and arousal, it’s just not going to be as much fun. You need to monitor what feels good, so numbing things doesn’t help. Instead, use a thick lube like Intimate Organics Soothe Anal Lube, and see if that works.

Be careful when applying lube to the bum, because you don’t want it to drip the lube down the butt crack and inside her vagina. That means, when you’re ready for intercourse, a terrific position for anal sex is spooning. Not only does spooning allow the penis to penetrate with caution, but spooning also makes it easier for the lube to stay in one place. Plus, when she’s warmed up and ready, she can slide on the penis with grace and ease.

In the end, women enjoy anal sex because they think it’s hot, taboo and fun, it feels good, their partners like it, and you can hit her G-spot (always aiming towards the belly button). Now, that’s women in general, why do you like anal sex?

xoxo – Jamye

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