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Lets Get to Know We-Vibe!

Want a new twist on things when it comes to couples play? Well these classic, yet unique toys bring fun and excitement back into the bedroom.

We-Vibe 4

Shared pleasure is more exciting than ever before with the We-Vibe 4. This number one selling couples vibrator helps bring more stimulating and satisfying experience anytime, any place. She wears it during sex for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation and together you will both feel the vibration patterns. We-Vibe 4 is body safe and comfortable for both partners and 100% water-proof so you can take the excitement into the shower, bath or jacuzzi.

There are even more reasons why you need to add this amazing toy to your collection.

  • - Remote control
  • - Rechargeable battery with a 2-in-1 carrying case
  • - 6 Powerful, quiet vibrations, including new Echo vibe
  • - 1 year warranty through the manufacturer

tangoIt takes two to Tango! The Tango by We-Vibe is one of the most powerful mini-vibes on the market. Choose from its 8 different vibration modes for intense clitoral or all over body stimulation. It’s rechargeable battery can give you two hours of straight play on a single charge, and like the We-Vibe 3 is 100% water-proof! Small and compact you can take this powerful, pocket-sized toy any where you go!

Gently rock your world with the Touch by We-Vibe. Touch’s power delivers 8 different and deeply satisfying, rumbling vibrations. With it being 100% waterproof you and your partner can enjoy your shower time even more!touch

Here’s a quick feature summary of this sleek, sensual toy

  • - Sculpted, soft and sensuous
  • - 90-minute recharge
  • - Powerful, quiet vibrations
  • - Body-safe – free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • - Eco-friendly – carbon-neutral, rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging
  • - Up to 2 hours of play on a single charge
  • - 1-year warranty through manufacturer

Easy soap-and-water cleanup

FAQ & Our Advice to You

Do you have a questions about enhancing your sex life? So did these did these people. Check out what our experts had to say.

What is the difference between water-based and silicone-based lubricant?

Water- based lubricants are water-soluble and are the most widely used personal lubricants. These lubricants are compatible with a variety of sex toys and condoms. They do dissolve in water, so they are not ideal for sex acts in water.

Silicone-based lubricants are usually formulated with fewer than four ingredients and do not contain any water. Silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed by skin or mucus membranes, therefore will last longer than water-based lubricants. We recommend using this type of lubricant for water play and backdoor action.

We don’t recommend using a silicone-based lubricant with your silicone toys because the formula may dissolve the surface of the toy, making it a potential breeding ground for bacteria. While some premium toys and lubricants are compatible, we recommend playing it safe and sticking with water-based lubricant for use with toys.


How is it that some women don’t know if they’ve had an orgasm or not? What are some things that may help them to have one?Powerful-1

If a woman doesn’t know if she’s had an orgasm, then odds are she hasn’t. For starters, she needs to get out of her brain in case she’s all up in it wondering if she’s had an orgasm. That could be a big buzz kill for orgasm.

A vibrator can help with reaching orgasm and finding a reliable and powerful enough vibrator is a good start. We recommend starting with a small, vibrator that’s not too intimidating and working on finding your favorite erogenous zones.

Sometimes women get it in their head that they need to have a vaginal orgasm and don’t give proper attention to their clitoris. Or that it shouldn’t take very long to have an orgasm, when it takes women a lot longer than men to climax. It’s okay to take your time and figure out your body so you can free your mind and tap into clitoral stimulation.

If you’ve never had anal sex before and want to try it, how can I get prepared for it so it won’t hurt so much?

Pink2Anal sex should never hurt, and if it does then you definitely want to stop what you’re doing. That being said, prepping for your first time is a great way to have the best experience possible. We suggest using a silicone-based lube and perhaps an anal plug to get you used to the sensation. You can use a lube shooter to get the lube inside, if you need assistance applying.  Be sure to just relax and enjoy the sensations!

When looking for a lube, you want to look for one that lasts long enough. a silicone lube  would be best or water-based lube designed for this type of play .You should stay away from any kind of numbing kind of lubricants.

As for toys to get you in the mood for anal sex, one of our favorite plugs is the ripple, because it starts small and gets larger…or the pro-touch (it vibrates). They’re all silicone so they’re non porous and bacteria doesn’t get in. Also practice working on how it feels when something is going up your butt. Practice breathing and relaxing to see where that gets you.

Read more on anal play here.

Need answers to your own question? Ask us here!

BlueMotion by OhMiBod



Lovers is PROUD to introduce BluMotion the newest innovation from OhMiBod. BluMotion is the first Bluetooth enabled, wearable massager! Whether it is used with a partner or solo, BlueMotion has the ability to entice and stimulate no matter where you are, as long as you have an iPhone or Android device.blueMotion_beauty_lo

Some of the AMAZING functions include:

  • Over the internet control
  • Pres-set patterns
  • Touch control
  • Tap & Record vibration patterns
  • Motion Control
  • Audio Recording

In each box you will receive one whisper quiet, Bluetooth app controlled wearable massager, one blue lace thong, privacy pouch to store your product when not in use, and one USB charging cable. BluMotion is a must have addition to any toy collection! blueMotion_panties-w-product_lo

*Phones not included

Sportsheets: Keeping Couples Connected

Have you heard of Sportsheets? If you’ve already heard about them, then you know why we can’t stop talking about them. If you haven’t heard of them, we’re going to show you what you’ve been missing!

Sportsheets is the go-to brand for soft bondage and sexual positioning tools for beginners and bondage aficionados alike!  The award-winning manufacturer prides itself on innovation and quality. For example, the newly announced plus –size line, Edge (in select stores soon). Here, we’re going to share our favorite products and what people are saying about them!Heart harness

About the Heart Harness Red Silicone Dong

“I bought this a month ago. The wife loves putting it on and doing me. I have never seen her orgasm so much and get so wet. The size is perfect. Highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to spice up there night fun.” -Danny

“Just purchased this. Size is perfect and made sex lots of fun. Fun item to buy.” –Anonymous

About the Under the Bed Restraint System

“This one of my favorite things! #1. No one knows it’s there because it hides under your mattress! 2. It fits any bed. 3. The straps are soft and keep a tight hold, without cutting into your skin and they are easy to put on and take off…for the one in charge :D”- Anonymous

under the bed“I have a California King and this system accommodates to it great! Pull them to the sides of the mattress to keep your partner from moving at all or pull it to the bottom/top of the bed to allow some movement, but you can get really creative and have alot of fun with it. Go crazy!” – Anonymous

“My wife and I enjoy this a ton. My wife has some knee trouble and we can adjust it so that she can move her leg and still have the rest of her unmoving. Lots of fun.”- Scott

“My gal and I really like this system.. It adjusts really easy and like the fact that the cuffs are detachable for other areas of fun.. Thank you…”- Wayne

Sportsheets AwardsS&M

  •  Adultex 2014 Best Bondage, Restraints, and Positioning Range – Sex & Mischief
  •  Xbiz 2014 Fetish Pleasure Product of the Year – Expandable Spreader Bar – Sportsheets
  •  Xbiz 2014 Best Pleasure Product manufacturer- Sportsheets
  •  AVN 2014 Best Fetish Manufacturer- Sportsheets

Thirsty Thursday: Naughty Cocktails Part 2

Thirsty Thursday is here once again and I am sure we are all need of a naughty cocktail, just in time to kick off the holiday weekend! Be warned, have too many and these cocktails will have you seeing stars!

For those of you who want to want something a light and refreshing we recommend a Slow Comfortable Screw.slow comfortable screw

What you will need:
• 1 shot sloe gin
• 1 shot Southern Comfort
• 1 shot of Premium Vodka
• Orange juice

Method: Pour vodka, sloe gin and Southern Comfort into a Collins glass filled with ice. Fill with orange juice, stir well and enjoy.
royal fuck

However, no 4th of July party would be complete without an Absolut Royal Fuck while relaxing by the pool.

What you will need:
• 1 oz Crown Royal® Canadian whisky
• 1/2 oz Absolut® Kurant vodka
• 1/2 oz peach schnapps
• 1 splash cranberry juice
• 1 splash pineapple juice

Method: Chill in tumbler, shake, and serve up in a rocks glass.

Happy 4th of July! Please drink responsibly.


Thirsty Thursday: Naughty Cocktails Part 1

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Here are some sinfully, naughty drinks for you all to try.
Tequila SunriseThe first drink that we have is a classic, Sex on the Beach. This drink sports a provocative name for a delicious, fruity drink. This drink is light and refreshing. Ideal for BBQs, sitting by the pool, or for an afternoon lunch out with the girls.
What you will need:
• 1.5 oz. Vodka
• .5 oz Peach schnapps
• 1.5 oz Orange or pineapple juice
• .5 oz Chambord (optional: this will give it a sweeter flavor)
Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and stain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with an orange wheel.

Screaming Sex with the Bartender…don’t mind if I do.

What you will need:
• 1 oz. 151 Rum
• 1 oz. Strawberry Schnapps
• 1 oz. Vodka
• 2 Splashes Cran
• Fill with O.J.
Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into glass.shots

Brunettes Can Be Sluts, Too…This one is the redhead’s slutty friend.
What you will need:
• 1 oz. Crown
• 1/2 oz. Raspberry Liqueur
• 1 oz. Triple Sec
• 1 oz. Cran
• 1 oz. Sprite
Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into shot glasses.

So there you have it, my lovelies! Hope these make your next gathering a little more naughty and playful. Check back with us for your next Thirsty Thursday drink recipes!
*Please drink responsibly

Lovers’ Top 5 Date Ideas

  1. SS98_004_0255_05CE Take a dance class- Dance is “the vertical expression of a horizontal desire, legalized by music”. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Belly dancing and Latin dancing can be fun way to enhance your sex life. Belly dancing is characterized by hip movements that are very sensual and the wardrobe makes the dance extra seductive. The most popular Latin dances are the Cha-cha, Rumba and Salsa, all of which are sultry, sensual, and sexual.
    2. See an improv show- Nothing brings you together like laughter and what is sexier than seeing your partner smile!? Having a warm, sexy smile is an instant turn-on.
    3. Spend the night in by the fireplace- Start a fire, turn off the lights, and enjoy some good wine and great conversation. Or skip the conversation and get hot and sweaty together. Clean up after with sexy, sudsy toys from the Sex in the Shower collection. Vibrating loofah anyone!?couple-cooking
    4. Cook dinner together- The right kind of spice not only spices up your food, but also your bedroom. Chillli pepper, red chillies, and ginger elevate blood circulation to all your sensitive areas. So dig into some spicy eats when spicing things up between the sheets.
    5. Visit your local Lovers store- We have created a fun, exciting environment for you to come in and liven up the bedroom. We have everything you need to explore and play including lubricant, massage oils, sexy lingerie and any type of toy you could want!

So, let’s bring some of the passion and fun back into dating. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is just starting out or you have been together for years, our date ideas will help you keep the excitement going and the sparks flying.

Sexy Cocktails for the Weekend

 Electric Strawberry LemonadeSVEDKA_Strawberry_Electric_Lemonade_main_image



Pour ingredients into a blender, adding ½ cup crushed ice last, and blend at high speed. Pour into a Hurricane/Pilsner glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.




Beach Breeze 

Ingredients:beach breeze


Pour the three Rums into an ice filled Collins glass. Add the 2 juices, stir, and then add the Grenadine. You can stir again, or just let the Grenadine settle to the bottom of your glass. Garnish with a Cherry, add a long straw, and start enjoying your delicious Beach Breeze!

Getaway Packages for Everyone

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach

The Beginner’s Package:

Total: about $20

This cute, little package will cover all your bases. Your Sex Chocolates will get that libido going while you use your sleek toy and flavored oil to rub each other down. Each sample size item will give you chance to try a little bit of everything without that big ticket price.

More Than the Basics:

Total: about $50

So you want a little more than your basics but you don’t want to go over the top. Well then this package is just for you! Ladies grab that ON and get that tingling sensation going, while you try something different during oral with one of our tasty Sliquid Lickers. Then its time to lay back and enjoy sensations on a whole new level, with the satin blindfold and velvety Ostrich Feather Tickler, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Grab the Sex in the Shower Waterproof Mini Massager with interchangeable heads, variety to accommodate any mood. Who knew that getting clean could be so dirty.

All Your Bases Covered:

Total: about $120

The fantastic package has got everything that you may have thought of and maybe some things that you had forgotten. Start by slipping into a sexy black lace body stocking that will contour to fit you like a glove, leaving you feeling sexy all over. Then its time to grab one of your amazing games to get that fire going. The “Go Fuck”  card game gives a whole new twist to the original go fish  game, or grab your oral sex dice and delicious green apple lube and see what could happen with just one roll. We can not forget the toys and stimulants, that everyone enjoys and makes things go buzz in the night.

 Indulgence Package:

You work hard and we know it! So light those candles, dim those lights, and submerse yourself into your indulgence kit. Our Pink Champagne Bubble Bath will help wash all of your troubles away, while our sexy Coochy Crème will keep your legs, and intimate areas, silky soft and rash free. But no sensual ritual would be complete without our Crazy Girl Wanna Be Dazzling   body lotion to rejuvenate your sexy skin, along with our Eye of Love Perfume to entice your senses all before slipping into your luxurious Fairytale Princess Chemise for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Experience Fun with Fun Factory

Spring is almost here and it’s time to do some spring cleaning! Clean out your sex toy box and upgrade your vibrator! Think rechargeable, cute and body safe. That means it’s time to check out Fun Factory.


Pearly: Fun Factory considers Pearly a “mini vibe” but it provides maximum pleasure. Its rounded tip and soft clitoral nub make it the perfect compact buddy to provide dual stimulation. It’s also completely submergeable in water, so you can take it with you in the tub or pool!

Stronic Eins:  This toy is like nothing else on the market. It’s not a vibrator, but a thruster. Stronic Eins provides stimulation by thrusting toward the G-spot. A slight mount just above the handle provides clitoral and vulva stimulation as well. Try something different and go with the Stronic Eins!

Cobra Head: This one is for him. Unlike other masturbators, the Cobra Head vibrates and stimulates the most sensitive portion of the penis, the tip! It’s easy to clean and made of body safe materials. Check out the video above!